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November 4, 2000

The Show (Kuss, 2000) 24:53

Composer: Kuss, Mark

  • I. Preparation
  • II. Overture
  • III. The Amazing Numbered Man (Martin Gardner)
  • IV. A Little About the Sulking Lady
  • V. Her Song (Emily Dickenson)
  • VI. Some of the Other Acts
  • VII. The Dark Side
  • VIII. The Bitchslap Aria (Dr. Dre)
  • IX. The Grave Robbers
  • X. A Short Diversion: Themes and Variations; The Weiner Song; Where We Left Off
  • XI. A Moment of Reflection
  • XII. The List of Fools
  • XIII. Reprise
  • XIX. The Moral


Concert Location: Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC