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Director’s Corner Address from Christopher Kendall

For our December 16th concert we turn our attention to a joyful and momentous project, finally realizing a long-held dream to film Jon Deak’s extraordinary, Dickensian vision “The Passion of Scrooge, or a Christmas Carol.” We have performed this work - by popular demand - every holiday season for years at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, but this year we will perform and film it at beautiful St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 301 A St., SE. Be sure to note this change of venue in your schedule!

As many of us know, to fully experience “The Passion of Scrooge” you have to actually “be there,” and in fact it’s this human connectedness that is at the core of Jon Deak’s “performance art.” Only a very skilled filmmaker can capture this drama and rise above mere documentation.

It has been our good fortune in recent years to make the acquaintance of H. Paul Moon, a talented and accomplished filmmaker, who happens to have an abiding interest and commitment to the production of films on artistic subjects (http://zenviolence.com/about). One of his recent accomplishments is the extraordinary documentary “Samuel Barber: Absolute Beauty” (http://zenviolence.com/barber).

We’ve invited Paul to freely exercise his filmmaking art to create a living record of “The Passion of Scrooge”. He’ll be shooting during both rehearsals and actual performance. The marvelous space of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Capital Hill provides the perfect atmosphere to perform and film.

You can view some of Paul Moon’s photos of composer Jon Deak, baritone William Sharp (aka Scrooge et al) and me getting a feel for the atmosphere of St. Marks at .

Paul is leading us in our exciting and audacious video enterprise this December. We enthusiastically invite you to this wonderful event for the season!